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Milan will once again rock the market with a Premier League Star Mega Shop

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The new owners of the torn Italian Grand Milan will try to make a new mega-transfer at the next possible moment (the January window) in an effort to bring the Rosoner back to the glorious times.The Sun newspaper informs that the Milan colossus will make a ? 80m space offer for Manchester City Sergio Aguero.

The tabloid stresses that Aguero may become completely unnecessary to manager Josep Guardiola when Alexis Sanchez is drawn from Arsenal.At the moment, Aguero recovers from the car crash with his private car and will be absent for about a month, while Gabriel Jezeus is expected to become the head of the public`s avant-garde.

Sun suggests that with Sanchez in January, City`s management will not pull on a good offer for Aguero, and may prefer to sell it to use the funds for new additions.

The Argentinean player himself would like to play more often, in which case Milan is the better option for him in City.

Blog of soccer tips and predictions