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Mourinho:Ibra can leave if she wants, but Felaini must stay

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said he would not hurt Zlatan Ibrahimovic if the Swedish really wants to continue his career in Los Angeles Galaxy. The British press has reported that Galaxy is interested in the 36-year-old Taran who is currently curing a knee injury.

`Zlatan did not say anything to me so that you, the media, learn about the interest in him, he`s in the last year of his contract, so if that`s true and he wants a future in another club analyzed by soccer links abroad, we`ll tryto make this possible, not to hinder it. `The last thing Zlatan said to me is that he wants to recover and help the team, ` Mourinho said.

The Portuguese, however, was much more categorical in wanting to keep another player out of the contract - midfielder Marwan Felaini.

`He is a very important player for me, a great professional, and he gives everything to help the team. ` On my part, on behalf of the board of directors and the player is willing to stay at Old Trafford, saidMelerinio. `` Problem for the time being, however, is the duration of the proposed contract. `Felaini wants a 3-year contract while United is ready to offer him a contract for just two seasons. ` `Our goal is to sign a new contract. Will this happen? I do not know. But we all want to have a happy ending. I am pleased with his contribution to the team, I know he wants to stay, and my desire is like that, `added Mourinho.

Blog of soccer tips and predictions