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Barcelona saved 10 million euros because of the Dembele`s injury

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The management of Barcelona got good news from the injury of the most expensive purchase in history - Ousmane Dembele.

The French international tore the tendon of femoral muscle two-headed during the victory over Getafe with 2:1 and before half an hour has elapsed, the game left the pitch at the expense of Gerard Deulofeu.

The 20-year-old footballer will be recovered between 3 and 4 months and is expected to return to the game in January. Undoubtedly, that is a big blow for Ernesto Valverde, but from a financial standpoint, the Catalans have occasion for a small joy. The contract between Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund has a clause that states that in 50 matches Borussia will receive a bonus of 10 million euros. Dembele has already had three meetings but is expected to miss the next 18, among whom opponents are Real Madrid, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, etc.

Simple accounts show that since the first month of the new year until the end of the season, Barcelona will play 21 matches in La Liga, 7 in the Champions League in case of reaching the final and 9 for the King`s Cup, provided that it comes to participating in the crucial clash for the trophy. Even Dembele participated in all the 37 matches via soccer links (which is unlikely), plus the 3 already played, he will not pass the limit of 50. However, the amount will be paid, but it is going to happen next season.

According to the deal between the clubs, Barca will pay claims 105 million euros to Dortmund, and other 42 million euros are pledged as clauses. One of them is also 10 million euros and will be activated if the team qualifies for the Champions League groups in the next 5 seasons which is expected to happen.

Blog of soccer tips and predictions