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Moreno for Clop: Our relationships were odd

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Alberto Moreno`s weaker season seems to be forgotten after Liverpool`s 25-year-old footballer once again played hard and even deserved a call for Spain`s national team. He commented on the behavior of manager Jurgen Klop over him after the arrival of the German at Anfield two years ago. `So far our relationships have always been strange, ` Moreno told Marca. When he arrived in Liverpool he was betting on me in every game, `the defender continued. - Then, at the start of the season 2016 / 17d. he stopped me from joining me and I lost myself. James Milner, a heavy-legged midfielder, started to favor my position to the left of the defense, and I already knew the situation was not good. Nothing, however, was explained to me. But now it`s different. Now, sometimes Clap speaks with me in Spanish. He helped me a lot and this is visible in my presentation on the pitch. Maybe I started paying more attention to my defense tasks.

Moreno also admitted that in the summer the tension on him was even greater following the attraction of a competitor to Andrew Robertson of Hull City. I wanted to stay in Liverpool and fight for my place. But when they took another left back I no longer believed that I had a future in the club. Clap explained that he could not give me guarantees that I would play often. Overall, in England the pressure on defenders is high. Always blame you even if the mistake was not yours, said the former Seville player.

Since the start of the Premiership season, Moreno has recorded 9 games via useful tip for soccer of 11 rounds.

Blog of soccer tips and predictions