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Asian Handicap – What is That?

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What is Asian Handicap?
Besides regular betting on the final outcome of a certain soccer match, there are a number of other possibilities that various bookmakers offer. The most popular currently ‘alternative’ betting option in the world is the so-called Asian handicap. That is an option that has significantly reduced the risk of losses. That makes doing your soccer predictions quite simpler and easier.

If we have to talk about the classical definition, then we must say that the Asian handicap is a form of betting, which has gained its popularity in Asia. After all, the name is not a coincidence. ‘Handicap’ as a concept generally means that one of the two teams gets an imaginary head start, which in that case is not only expressed in terms of goals scored and 1⁄2, 1⁄4 goal, 1 goal, 1 an 1⁄4 goals, etc. It is possible no one of the teams to have an imaginary head start, i.e. the handicap to be 0.

When betting on the Asian handicap, as already said, the likelihood of a tie is eliminated. There is only winning for the guest or the host. If the derby ends in a draw, then the bookie returns you your betting amount (wholly or partly). Probably, you are all aware of the normal betting. Ultimately, that is why we call it normal, because it is the conventional way of betting. But the Asian handicap, however, has a much greater chance of winning. In the normal betting you lose your
money if you bet on an outcome, different from the actual result. In our case, however, you can even bet on the teams who you think will not win the match, and that is due to the handicap. In that situation, you may have a profit even if your team losses! Of course, that doesn’t mean you should not do thorough research before preparing your football picks.

Undoubtedly, the Asian Handicap betting offers and a lot more fun, because a single goal for you can ‘send’ you both in heaven and hell. Expert calculations indicate that globally you will increase your chances of winning when the stakes of the single from 33.3% (which is typical for the normal betting) to 50% (using the Asian handicap, although it depends on the actual handicap).

The worst thing in Asian handicap from our perspective is the complicated way of calculation the profit. With it, however sooner or later you will get used to it and you won\'t have to look at the helpful tables which most bookies offer on their website.

Besides all this, it is necessary to be registered on websites that offer Asian handicap, and definitely those are not all the bookmakers. So www.24SoccerTips.com advice is to make your choice reasonably.

Blog of soccer tips and predictions